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At Carpet Cleaning Cairns, we utilise the most developed carpet cleaning frameworks, since we’re a big believer in providing excellent value. This implies your floors and other surfaces are destined to be treated with the superior care and consideration that it merits, for the 5-star service.

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Our Promise To You

We have one message for all of our clients – and that is, Carpet Cleaning Cairns is here to serve! We know  that cleaning can generally be time consuming and undesirable. That’s why we need you to leave these tedious and hassling jobs, to us! We guarantee to provide a tailored approach for each and every one of our customers, since we truly know that our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority! Each cleaning service that we provide, we always strive to leave our clients satisfied each and every time. 

We always want to tailor our cleaning solutions for every customer, in light of your needs. That implies, that whether you are selling your property, or simply need to spruce it up, we need to ensure that each experience is always positive. We have numerous years of experience being in the business, and together with our adoration for being a people-focus service, we guarantee to provide a satisfying and positive experience each and every time.

Our Services

You don’t need to ask yourself “who is the best carpet cleaner near me” anymore.

You can always find that we, at Carpet Cleaning Cairns are always transparent, honest and friendly. We always ensure to provide the best carper cleaning service in Cairns. We pride ourselves on being leaders in the industry and in the local community, in being the best at what we do, and the most friendly!

We want to be established as the ‘go-to’, for anything related to carpet cleaning services. We don’t just do carpets, but we also do rugs, tile & grout, upholstery, hardwood floors and more. Our value proposition is that we make sure that you, the customer will be satisfied with our cleaning services, because at the end of the day – that’s what matters most for us. So make sure to give us a call today, to find out how we can look after you and provide a no-obligation, free quote!

We're environmentally friendly and family conscious

We guarantee that we only utilise premium and most importantly, safe cleaning products that contain environmentally-friendly ingredients, so that you can have that added confidence.

Our cleaning products that we pick, are effective, but most importantly safe. These are handpicked by us, and we guarantee that we comply with industry standards on what to use, to offer high quality services for our clients. We therefore utilise the high quality cleaning gear for the best reliable and innovative cleaning techniques. Our efficient and top-rated equipment will consistently give the most reliable cleaning, and you can rely upon us to expel any unsafe contaminants such as grime and soil to tidy out your home.

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We're transparent and up to date.

Another one of our core values is ‘no-compromise’. This ensures we in every case, cautiously select only the correct products that we use in light of safety and consistently holding ourselves to exceeding industry standards. We're highly trained and therefore we are highly confident that we utilise the most cutting-edge strategies that is pertinent to the cleaning business, which implies you can be certain that we’re providing only the best cleaning solutions for you. As such, we also ensure that our cleaning techniques and solutions are up-to-date by constantly educating ourselves year in, year out. That means if there are new techniques, products or anything else – we always make sure that we’re the first to know.

Detail orientated

We make sure that your home or business remains clean, fresh and clear of nasty contaminants. Our main goal at Carpet Cleaning Cairns is all about removing the hassle from cleaning, and giving our local clients the best treatment and care they deserve. We ensure to leave your home or business safe, refreshed and most importantly clean. Our main approach with each service that we offer, is met with complete scrupulousness. We also always provide our clients with different alternatives and treatments available that suit your home best. Most importantly, we ensure that we are always transparent with our costs, and therefore guarantee no hidden shocks. We abide by this, because we at Carpet Cleaning Cairns want to build a long lasting and healthy relationship with each and every client.

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Carpet cleaning

Our primary objective at Carpet Cleaning Cairns is to give the best floor cleaning solutions in all of Cairns. We strive to provide only the most effective and affordable carpet cleaning services in Cairns, for all our clients. Our carpet cleaning solutions include the usage of a high temp water extraction machine, which is highly prescribed by industry experts in soil, grime, sticky residue and bacterial removal.

Our carpet cleaning solutions are able to help all types of carpets and rugs to be rid of stains, food and drink spills and nasty odours such as from pet urine. We use HEPA filtered vacuuming, and have expertise in sustainable cleaning to leave your carpet and rug surfaces smelling new and clean.

Not only do we do carpets, but we also specialise in deep cleaning for rugs. So no matter the size or material of your precious rug – we can help remove nasty stains, odours and any other contaminants that may be deep within the fibres. 

Pet odour and stain removal

Pet hair can undoubtedly be caught inside your carpet strands and furniture, regardless of how frequently your carpets, rugs (and pet) have been cleaned. Pet hair tends to effectively get caught onto a wide range of surfaces, regardless of substantial vacuuming. Besides, any earth and oils from their feet can adhere to rugs and ground surfaces, while pet odours and contaminants can build up over a period of time. 

Pet pee and scent tainting will require much more than just surface cleaning on the floor surface itself. Carpet fibres have numerous layers which can easily be affected from urine. The layers of carpet include topical, cover backing, cover cushioning and the sub-floor. Pet stains can penetrate through all of these layers and reach the  sub-floor. Be that as it may, not all cleaning products can ensure that all scent and stains are expelled. Our odour and stain removal solutions can penetrate through to the sub-floor, where we can freshen up all the contaminants to help deoderise the pet urine. What emits that ‘doggy smell’ that everybody gripes about is the overabundance of sebum that is left in the fibres.

The most effective method to treat pet odours and stains

One of the primary reasons that your floor coverings can be left ‘smelly’, is that our furry friends love to spend a lot of time outside. From strolling along a wide range of surfaces, such as earth, grass and so forth, the soil particles and allergens adhere to their paws and can then pollute the carpets, rugs and other surfaces. After some time, the pieces of carpet that are often walked on, will collect these particles after some time, which bring about scents, soil and different particles that influence the cleanliness of your floor surface (such as carpets, upholstery etc). At Carpet Cleaning Cairns, we have the expertise in the cleaning of pet stains and ‘spots’ that show up in various areas of your home. We utilise 100% pet-friendly products that do not have harmful chemicals, to viably expel pet scent and stains from your rugs, upholstery and carpets. We guarantee that your family and furry mates are consistently kept safe from hamrful products.

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Tile and grout cleaning

For all types of tile and grout cleaning, we at Carpet Cleaning Cairns are confident that we can help you out! We need our customers to be confident in us, that for any tile surfaces, we make every endeavor to ensure that your tiles are back to that pristine and clean condition. We’re exceptionally prepared and experienced in treating a wide range of tile surfaces, and guarantee to just utilise the safest cleaning products and solutions for the cleaning of your tile and grout.

We comprehend that cleaning your tiles by hand can be hard and labourous work – especially cleaning the grout can be very tedious. Wiping the surfaces can make all the earth particles drive into the grout where they collect after some time and become progressively harder to clean. Our methods permit us to reestablish the first shading of your tiles and grout, and restore them to their original magnificence. When we clean and freshen up your tiles, we apply a sealant so that the grout lines stay free of dirt and grime for as long as possible.

Cleaning your tiles and grout, require much more than detergent, mop and a bit of elbow grease. After some time, all the earth and oil gather and structure hard layers into the tiles’ surfaces and pores of the grout, which will cause the undesirable discolouration. 

We use steam-based techniques and the most modern cleaning strategies, joined with heavy duty treatments and rinsing for all our Tile and Grout, Cairns services. We work hard to remove that old and filthy look, into something that is pristine, new and inviting. We utilise an infiltrating sealer to shield the grout and porcelain tiles from any stains and mold for the years to come.

Upholstery cleaning

We strive to provide only the best upholstery cleaning solutions within Cairns. Our upholstery cleaning solutions include evacuating all the dirt, earth, oils, allergens from the texture of your furnishings and upholstery. We are well experienced in upholstery cleaning, and are therefore well prepared to clean a wide range of surfaces and materials. We’re ready to clean numerous styles of texture on couches, sofas and so forth. We’ve cleaned all styles and sorts of couches, dining chairs, recliners, and can likewise aerate your surfaces and apply a texture and stain guard which goes about as a defensive layer to help oppose stains, grime and dirt. 

Our Upholstery Cleaning, Cairns solutions and techniques can deal with a wide range of upholstery furniture. Upholstered furniture will consistently come in numerous kinds of surfaces and materials, and subsequently will require various methods, contingent upon the sort of material we are cleaning. We furnish a specific methodology in managing all the kinds of surfaces, and guarantee that we keep up the integrity of the material in regard to its shading and strength of the texture. Regardless of what sort of upholstery your have, we are certain that we can help.

Whatever the kind of upholstery you have in your household, we are here to clean it for you. We offer our particular types of assistance which incorporate giving a dirt and stain obstruction arrangement and deoderising solutions. We intend to keep your upholstery looking fresh out of the box and new once more, and therefore give assurance to improve and broaden the lifespan of your upholstered surfaces.

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Hardwood floor cleaning

Our Hardwood floor cleaning solutions, Cairns are capable at cleaning a wide range of hard floor surfaces. After some time, the planks of your flooring can to bring about an old and shabby look from all the earth, grime and residue implanted into them. We utilise our highly effective wood floor cleaning strategies to help relax all dirt and contaminants, and to extricate them from your hard wooden floors. We have particular equipment and safe cleaning arrangements that are viable in giving effective cleaning of your hard surfaces, to help reestablish their original appearance.

We plan to breathe life into your hardwood floors back, by giving that fresh polish and shiny look. We give a defensive layer after our deep cleansing, to guarantee that your floors remain refreshed and sparkly. We then provide a re-covering procedure to safeguard and expand the life of your hardwood floors to give a defensive obstruction from earth, residue and other harmful contaminants. After this, cleaning your floors will be much easier for you!

How might I safeguard my floors?

We suggest regular cleaning and vacuuming each week. Abstain from utilising harsh cleansers, and waxes on your deck surfaces. These items can be detrimental on wooden floors, because of their abrasiveness onto the wooden surface, and in this manner trading off the state of your wooden surfaces.

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At Carpet Cleaning Cairns, our clients’ satisfaction is paramount for us. It is our core value to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our work.

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We want to always make sure that every client whose property that we work on, are always confident in our cleaning services. We want to establish ourselves the premier carpet cleaning service provider within Cairns, Queensland. Furthermore, we’re friendly, inviting and just simply love to clean. So make sure that you contact us today, so that we can get the conversation started!

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We only provide the best approaches to wipe out stains, earth, grime and allergens from your floor coverings and surfaces, without the utilisation of unsafe and harsh substances. We always put forward a ‘can do’ attitude to accomplish more than what is required and consistently endeavor to leave every single family 100% fulfilled. 

We want to ensure that your choice in us, is not wasted, and that need to build on your trust. We are consistently cautious, and safe, for example, shoe covers are worn when essential, apply corner coverings on your dividers and furniture and provide a well prepared solution to provide an effective cleaning service. 

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