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Looking to remove those carpet stains and dirt from your carpets? At Carpet Cleaning Cairns, we bring your carpets back to life, by ensuring they receive the love and care they deserve. Our deep cleansing allows your carpets to be restore back to their former glory. We don’t use harsh chemicals, and abrasive products that can actually cause harm to your carpets. We prefer to use environmentally-friendly compounds that can safely extract all the deep-seated dirt, grime and other contaminants that can be found in your carpets and rugs.

We want you to be confident in how we operate, and ensuring that all the products we use are 100% safe for your family and furry friends. We pride ourselves on being safe, affordable and pleasant to deal with – and can always provide tips and tricks in maintaining healthy carpets and rugs. We use state of the art equipment that we regularly maintains, that are highly effective and efficient in removing those stubborn stains and dirt that is embedded deep within your carpets. We keep up to date with the latest industry standards and apply the latest techniques and solutions for the most effective carpet cleaning for high quality results.

We do our best to eliminate those stubborn stains that normal products that you can buy at the shops can’t do. Keep in mind that, using these products sometimes leave soap residue, which in the long term will attract contaminants, such as oils and dirt which will stick to the carpet and rug fibres.

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There’s always certain areas in the household which attract a lot of foot traffic. These areas are the most in need for deep carpet cleaning, due to being more worn down that other areas of the carpet. It’s important to maintain your carpets will, so that discolouration does not occur, where it is easy to notice that some areas of the carpet look more worn than others. Conventional carpet cleaning systems may only temporarily hide these discoloured areas of your carpet, as they use hot water and high pressure machines, which can actually do harm to the bottom-most layers of your carpet, which will affect the padding This will then result in stains reappearing after some time from the bottom layer of the carpet.\

What’s more is that Carpet Cleaning Cairns also specialises in rug cleaning! We love returning your rugs back to their former glory, and restoring that soft feel between your toes. We’re confident that we can help restore your rugs, and eliminate any stubborn stains that are embedded within your rug’s fibres.

How do you clean the carpets?

We achieve our results by applying cleaning techniques that involve low pressure methods that are highly efficient in cleansing your carpets and rugs, without actually damaging the lower padding of the layers of the carpet. We also don’t apply any abrasive chemicals, which can leave a sticky residue afterwards. At the end, your carpets will be drying very quickly, and will be ready for more foot traffic within a number of hours after we leave your premises.

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