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Pet Odour and Stain Removal Cairns

We know that our furry friends can sometimes leave an unfortunate mess on our flooring surfaces. Despite being toilet-trained, there’s still a chance that sometimes our carpets and rugs alike, are left with urine and a deep odour. At Carpet Cleaning Cairns, we consider ourselves specialists in dealing with pet urine and odours alike. We know that lasting damage can occur, particularly if left untreated. What can result is that, the urine can penetrate the sub-floor padding and leave a deep stain and odour within your carpet fibres.

That’s why it’s always paramount to treat these stains as quickly as possible, as sometimes long lasting damage can actually occur. We utilise a pre-treatment process which can help break down the area before we complete our area cleaning. Our low-pressure cleaning system then helps to break down and remove the remaining stains and also the odour from these spots. Afterwards, we use deoderizers in order to neutralise the nasty odours from your carpet and rug fibres.

Removing pet stains can be one of the most difficult tasks, if left for a long time. Without proper treatment of the area, the urine can travel quickly to the bottom layers of your padding and leave lasting damage. Our pet odour and stain removal services are highly effective in breaking down the stain and neutralising the nasty odours. We use environmentally safe, family and pet friendly formulas that are extremely effective in treating urine stains. Whether your cat or dog, or other furry friends have left an unfortunate accident on your carpet or rug area, make sure to contact us quickly, so that we can treat these spots with haste. We want to make sure that no lasting damage has occurred, and restore your carpets to their orginal condition – stain and odour free!

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