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Tile and Grout Cleaning Cairns

Attempting to clean tiles and grout can take countless hours of elbow grease and back aches for sub-par results, when using just soap and sponge. At Carpet Cleaning Cairns, our tile and grout cleaning solutions, will save you the time and hard-working effort to eliminate the contaminants that lie within the pores of your grout and surface of your tiles. We know that grout (the area between your tiles) can be quite tough to remove dirt that is trapped within, due to the pores and texture of its surface. This unfortunately results in dirt and grime being very easy to find its way into them. We use very specialised equipment and cleaning solutions to treat and eliminate the dirt that is embedded within. The result? Clean, white tile and grout!

After we eliminate the dirt, dust and other contaminants from your tiled surfaces, we then use a protective sealant to maintain your brand new look, and to help prevent further particles from staining your surfaces for as long as possible. We’re experts in restoring your tile and grout to their original and new conditions, so you can have comfort that we’ll do the job perfectly the first time. What’s also important is making sure that your tile and grout don’t quickly become dirty again, so we ensure that our protectants are applied to maintain this look for as long as possible.

We use professional equipment so that we can clean effectively and efficiently in ridding your tile and grout from all the dirt, grime dust and other nasty contaminants. We know how hard it can be to clean these surfaces, as well as how time consuming the task can be.


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We use a very simple process in rejuvenating your tile and grout, which is then follow up by our sealants to keep your tile and grout looking clean for a long time. Currently it is recommended that tiles and grout surfaces should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months. This is done to ensure that the integrity of your tile and grout surfaces are maintained, and healthy as sometimes when oils and dirt are caked into your tiles and grout – it can be near impossible removing them.

Furthermore, we use grout sealants that can be used on any type of surface. The sealant acts as an invisible barrier that keeps oil, grime, and other nasty particles away from penetrating your tile and grout surface for as long as possible. We pride ourselves on being the best at tile cleaning Cairns services, and ensuring that your tile and grout receives 10/10 treatment to look brand new!

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